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white rose

white rose

Ooh look, Mav is posting a pic of a flower. Isn’t it pretty? Maybe I’ll make explore!

Actually I just happened to notice that for some reason one of our rose bushes bloomed a new rose today. All the others have fallen off and died for the fall, but for some reason one just happened to sprout and I thought I’d take a picture.

I have a bunch of G20 protest pictures to post. They’ll be up later or tomorrow, but this seemed like something nice to put up in the meanwhile.


Day 1022 of 365 Again. I really need to take better care of my studio. Sadly, like many creative people I am very sloppy. I really don’t mean to be. I just am. Always have been. But I’m working on it. Really I am. Spent a lot of the evening cleaning the studio. Cleaning the…


Day 989 of 365 Again. You know I have no idea what I was thinking here. I guess I was going for some kinda superpowersy kinda thing but then not really. I dunno, I think this is just my mind starting to go from the sleep deprivation…. Good bye mind! I’ll miss you. 365 days


Day 944 of 365 Again. Look over there. I posted hot model girlie pics. Cool huh? Remember when my photostream used to be full of those. HOVA, I just don’t have enough hours in the day anymore. Two photoshoots this weekend. One today, (haven’t even touched those photos yet), and supposedly two, possibly 3 this…