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The Fictional Complaint Department

I’m teaching a class called “Written Professional Communication” at the University of Pittsburgh. Amongst other things it’s about… well, communicating professionally in writing. Currently we’re working on “responding to complaints”. In order to generate some complaint s to respond to I instructed my students to write a complaint letter as though they lived in the fictional universe of their choosing:

Help Mav Pick a Book List (redux)

Ok, so through a completely unforeseen, unexpected and frankly rather chaotic set of circumstances, I am apparently now suddenly teaching my Sex, Violence and Comics class again this fall. Yay! This is non one hand awesome, because I love that class and teaching it was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. On…

Most iconic movie scenes?

Hello, oh great and powerful Internet. I need your help again. Last year I asked people to help me come up with a list of movie posters for an exercise I wanted to do in my Spring class. I did the exercise and it worked really well. So thank you. But I was thinking of…