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Day 4: 1-4-12

Day 4: 1-4-12

Day 4 of the New Era

Last time I did this project, I used to carry my camera around with me everywhere I went, just in case I had a really good shot opportunity. But I haven’t been doing that in quite a while. So now when I see something like a pretty sunset out my window at work, I have to use my iphone to capture it. Turns out, it’s not that bad. Yay technology.

Btw, this was completely captured and edited on the iPhone 4s.


Day 794 of 365 Again. I’m still so very very tired. I actually fell asleep last night in the middle of posting today’s Cosmic Hellcats comic. How sad is that, I was literally sitting in my chair trying to post the comic, fell asleep and woke up 7 hours later. *sigh* After work, I picked…


Day 785 of 365 Again. I really wish I had more time to do more outdoor shots like this. It’s just nice to be outside of the studio. I was hoping to go to West Virginia this weekend and do another photoshoot. That didn’t work out. Hopefully I’ll get it in next week sometime, but…


Day 756 of 365 Again. I like to have Steph in my self-portraits as much as possible. I dunno why. It probably is some silly thing having to do with loving her. Gross, huh? So anyway, tomorrow she’s going out on some crazy two day charity bike ride with her family. They invited me along,…



Day 707 of 365 More.

Mandie wrote me the other day and said she wanted to shoot with me again. There were a few outfits she wanted to wear and she wanted to do soemthing outside.

We settled on going to a park near where she lives and I invited Steph to come along with us, because she likes parks and I haven’t gotten to shoot her in ages.

Shot pics for a couple hours and ended up getting some nice shots at sunset. The light was so nice I decided to step in for one for my 365.

365 days


Day 268 of 365 days. Argggh…. I just noticed I’ve been numbering all of my days incorrectly since Day 247. So my “only 100 days left” post was wrong. I have even fewer than I thought. *sigh* now I have to go through and retag everything. Steph was nice enough to accompany me to Middleofnowhere,…