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Day 1373 of 365 4 lyf. Still catching up. Always catching up. I keep almost getting caught up with posting and falling behind. I am just so busy lately and I never take a break. That’s why so many of my 365s are just snapshots lately. I really need to work on that. I miss…


Day 1213 of 365 4 lyf. A little shamless plea for attention never hurt anyone, right? Actually, I totally stole this idea from Ms Morgan who made her own shamless plea a while back. So since she gave me the idea, you should totally go friend her too. Anyway, and most importantly, I haven’t plugged…

G20-Protest 9

G20-Protest 9

The G20 summit was held in Pittsburgh. As can be expected, if the 20 most powerful people on the planet are all in one city making a big to do, people will flock from 100s of miles to protest in front of them.

I was working yesterday when all the good dangerous protests happened, but there was still a major police presence (and something of a protestor presence) downtown today. Something like that happens and you aren’t drawn there to capture it, you’re not a real photographer.


Day 525 of 365 More. And I’m done. Well, I’m not done, the show isn’t til tomorrow, but I’m finally finished preparing for it. With as much as work as I put into this in the last month, I honestly no longer remember a time when I WASN’T working on this show. But now, less…