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Day 1186 of 365 4 lyf. You know the only thing that sucks about the Steelers beating the Broncos tonight? The Broncos already lost last week, so we didn’t get the honor of breaking their undefeated streak. Oh well. A win is a win. 365 days


Day 1114 of 365 Again. Fell asleep last night watching a movie. Woke up this morning sore as hell. I have no idea why. Something is definitely wrong when you injure yourself sleeping. Through the rest of the day, it didn’t really get any better either. Slept in. Got up and used the hottub. Tried…


Day 1064 of 365 Again. Sometimes, after over 1000 days of self-portrait photography, you kinda run out of ideas. Actually that’s been happening a lot lately, hence the multitude of day-in-the-life shots that are clogging my stream lately, and no one is paying attention. But sometimes I don’t even have anything that interesting to shoot.…

Dyllan Singing

Dyllan Singing

Did a shoot with Dyllan today. She needed some promo pics to go with her demo CD, and of course she will be appearing in the tarot deck as soon as I get around to editing the pic I’m going to use for the card. In the meantime, here’s a taste of things to come



Stephanie was good enough to pose for me in her underwear a second week in a row for my Class with Dave assignment so long as I kept it PG-13. The assignment of course, was to take a picture representing blue. This was the best idea I could think of. Two weeks, two color cutouts. Go go gadget cliché!


Day 181 of 365 days. I originally actually had a different idea for today’s shot but I never got to it because I was busy thinking about my next photo project. Rather than just rush to finish my highly photoshop intensive idea and do a substandard job, I decided to take a picture detailing my…


Day 38 of 365 days. I had been wanting to take a shot featuring all of my tattoos at some point and when Pi c’s suggested a birthmark challenge it seemed like as good a time as any. These are the various symbols that adorn my body, the dates I got them, and what they…