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Day 1059 of 365 Again. Tennessee to Pennsylvania is a long ass drive. It’s an even longer drive when you run into a torrential downpour in Northern Tennessee, so bad that traffic slows down to a crawl and then you have to deal with several car wrecks because despite the totally awesome southern 70mph, well…


Day 1041 of 365 Again. So it basically rained all day in Pittsburgh today. As I was getting off work it was getting worse. In fact, when we got home the news said there was a tornado warning and server thunderstorms. The news not only begged everyone to hide in their basements but actually suggest…


Day 994 of 365 Again. I’ve been wrestling Friday shows the last several months. This means I have to get off work, rush to pick up Steph (and this time Jameel, since he decided to come with us) anf fight rush-hour traffic to get into West Virginia before bell time. That said, it was worth…

XVI-Tower 2

XVI-Tower 2

Usually I only post four or five photos from a shoot at a time, but I’m still running way behind, so I spent the evening editing my entire shoot with Jonny.

It’s rare that I find male models on Model Mayhem, and it’s even rarer that one contacts me. But Jonny did and volunteered for the Tarot deck. Which was perfect because he had exactly the right look for my redo of the Tower Card. He was looking for some TFCD work in my style and in particular liked some of my motifs I use a lot (martial arts weapons and the comic posterization for the tarot deck). So it all worked out pretty good.



Day 641 of 365 More.

I think I’m going to have to kill Jack Scoresby.

Anyone who’s viewed my stream for a while probably realizes that Jack and I have an ongoing friendly rivalry. I’ve always respected him as a photographer. Sometimes we’ve collaborated on a friendly photo. Sometimes less friendly.

Jack is currently off being all he can be. Or whatever teh equivalent of that is in the Navy, anyway. But from time to time I get a chance to speak with him on the phone or over instant messenger. Today, we spoke for a bit and he informed me of his intention to steal my two favorite models, Amaya and Sarah.

Now this means war.

You know what the best part of having a battle of the bands photography style with Jack is? Since he’s away in the service, he doesn’t have access to his studio and pretty much just loses automatically.

Point, Maverick!

I should have killed him when I had the chance.

365 days

7-11-07 alternate

7-11-07 alternate

Was taking photos for my photo project earlier today and it started raining really hard. Even though I already had a 365 shot for today, I really wanted to get this shot as I had been trying to get a good standing in the storm shot all year.



Another tarot card complete. This time my friend Jameel was nice enough to pose for it. You know, when I started this, I really expected the nude major arcana cards to be the hardest to fill, but I have more of them done than anything.

I swear, there are clothed cards coming… really there are.


Day 225 of 365 days. Got home just before midnight last night from a wrestling show, after not really sleeping the night before. Went to sleep and now I’m off to another show that I won’t be home from til 2am probably. Sometimes this hobby is more demanding than a "real" job. I suppose I…