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Day 892 of 365 Again. You know, usually when something monumental happens I tend to write some kind of commentary or rant on it. I try to make poignant important points while peppering things with my own snide assholish humor. But sometimes, even I don’t have the heart. Today is Martin Luther King day. Basically…


Day 735 of 365 Again. The problem with doing this project for three years is that you really get to the point where you’re not coming up with interesting shots. One of the reasons I started this was coming to grips with being in front of the camera myself. Also learning more about photographing men.…

Sisters 4

Sisters 4

Still playing catch up on photoshoots. A week or so ago Nikki and Holly came to pose for me for the first time. Holly has a lot more experience with the whole modeling thing, but Nikki did a great job too.

These may be about the naughtiest shots I’ve done in quite a while. They were Holly’s idea, and I wanted them to be sexy but wanted to keep them sweet and innocent too. Hopefully that worked out.