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Trix, a wrestling friend of mine, wanted sexy but tasteful pics to sell to her fans so she called me up and we did a shoot. Came up with some really good stuff. Even with no real previous modeling experience i think she did great.


Day 384 of 365 More. I tried to do this shot back on day 251 of my first 365 days project. I couldn’t make it work out right then. Honestly it’s not totally how I envisioned it this time either. In any case, there’s an interesting thing about pinball. I can spend the whole day…


Day 259 of 365 days. Did a photoshoot with Shiima and Mallory today. I got a lot of good shots, including two new tarot cards. Would love to hear people’s thoughts on them just before this in my stream (and some after this probably but maybe not til tomorrow). Shiima is a wrestling friend of…


Day 117 of 365 days. So one of the about a billion things that has had me stressed and tired out lately has been reading. I’ve been reading gender studies books in preparation for a paper I have to write and present at a conference in April. I’m actually pretty excited about the paper. It’ll…