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Day 1022 of 365 Again. I really need to take better care of my studio. Sadly, like many creative people I am very sloppy. I really don’t mean to be. I just am. Always have been. But I’m working on it. Really I am. Spent a lot of the evening cleaning the studio. Cleaning the…

Queen of Coins

Queen of Coins

One photoshoot for the week down, only three to go. Unfortunately, this was the simplest one. A tarot card that I knew exactly what I wanted for, and although I’d never worked with Cindy before she was a total pro.

I can’t believe I have less than 20 tarot cards left. Well sort of anyway. There’s a few that I’ve since decided I’m not happy with and may want to redo. An artist is never satisfied.

Well, maybe he is. Because I like this one quite a lot.


Day 945 of 365 Again. I just felt like doing something with a little more energy today. I don’t really have a story per se. I spent the evening working on Hellcats. Like I do pretty much every evening. It’s funny. I’ve actually been rather creative lately. I’ve done 3 shoots this week and I…


Day 87 of 365 days. Decided I wanted to do something a little silly today. Just wanted to mix things up. But I really could come up with anything. Then I experimented taking pictures of my hand. Well, it was different but not silly. Then I thought, why not my foot? So here we present,…