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Day 1335 of 365 4 lyf. You know, I was almost caught up. Oh well… It was a particularly clear night and I was intending to take a picture of me looking up at the stars. But I only had my point&shoot with me. Oh well. 365 days


Day 1268 of 365 4 lyf. I love the iphone camera. It’s not "good" per se, but It’s funny, my very first digital camera was 3 megapixels. Basically the same thing that comes in the iPhone, and frankly that they give away in boxes of crackerjacks. I had a lot of fun with that camera…


Day 1117 of 365 Again. Tired and burned out and didn’t feel like taking a picture. I really need to get back on the inspiration kick. What do other people do when they’re burnt out. I used to be able to pull myself out after a few days, but I feel like I’ve been in…


Day 1029 of 365 Again. Welcome to mile marker 12. You know, the reason I bought a new truck a couple years ago was that I was tired of having so many problems with my old one. I figured, "new vehicle! Only a year old! Hybrid! Everything will be great!" I should just stop thinking…



I had been wanting to shoot with Miss Anthropy for a while and she was interested in doing something with Damsel, who’s modeled for me before. They pulled in another girl they knew, Amanda, and we ended up doing a post apocalyptic thing in a junkyard.

Naturally we had no such permission to do so, so once we set off the alarm, the owner showed up. He liked the idea so he helped us set up a few cool shots, much more so than we could have done on our own.

I love it when a shoot works out.


Day 994 of 365 Again. I’ve been wrestling Friday shows the last several months. This means I have to get off work, rush to pick up Steph (and this time Jameel, since he decided to come with us) anf fight rush-hour traffic to get into West Virginia before bell time. That said, it was worth…


Day 954 of 365 Again. My crazy constant photoshoot month continues. This time it was off to do a cyberpunk shoot with Chaste and Merci Rae. I’ve actually known them both for a few years, but this is the first time I had ever gotten around to shooting Merci. Funny how that works. Of course,…


Day 890 of 365 Again. Was it just a few days ago that i was swimming in the dessert? it couldn’t have been, could it? I’m definitely back home in Pittsburgh now. From 65 degrees to -2 In less than 24 hours. This is just the kinda thing that the human body isn’t supposed to…



Day 708 of 365 More.

My friend Tommy lives a few blocks from here in a house that overlooks the valley of Mt. Oliver. Every year, there’s this Mt. Oliver township fair kinda thing and they shoot off fireworks for it. Tommy has a great view of it, so he decided to have a BBQ and invite people over to watch.

Of course, the fireworks don’t start til like 11. So Tommy and his nieghbors kind of shoot some off early to kinda prime the sky so to speak. Here’s me burning a couple.

365 days



Day 707 of 365 More.

Mandie wrote me the other day and said she wanted to shoot with me again. There were a few outfits she wanted to wear and she wanted to do soemthing outside.

We settled on going to a park near where she lives and I invited Steph to come along with us, because she likes parks and I haven’t gotten to shoot her in ages.

Shot pics for a couple hours and ended up getting some nice shots at sunset. The light was so nice I decided to step in for one for my 365.

365 days