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Day 1111 of 365 Again. It kinda occurred to me recently that there aren’t any big milestones in year four. Day 1000 is in year three. Day 1500 is in year five. Day 1250 just doesn’t really seem all that impressive once you’ve been doing it this long. So I’ve decided that maybe I just…


Day 842 of 365 Again. I’m doing better today. But still not great. It’s not often that after a 4 day vacation I can’t wait to get back to work. But sometimes you just need that daily routine to remind you that your days have purpose. Tomorrow is another day. 365 days


Day 406 of 365 More. First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me the last couple days in the whole banning incident. It was a rough week, only my second at work, and I’m still getting used to the hours and the work, so I’ve been tired and exhausted every day…


Day 368 of 365 More. This photo really has nothing to do wtih what I did today at all. Honestly I didn’t do much of anything today. Spent the morning working on my book, then editing photos from the waterfall shoot (coming soon, I swear) and finally went out for drinks with my friend Ryan…