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Day 13: 1-13-12

Day 13: 1-13-12

Day 13 of the New Era

I think I used to be more intersting when I did 365 before. Now I have a lot of days when I come home from work and all I want to do is lay down and take a nap. So on a day like today. we’ll just settle for a nice simple "let’s fire up Photo Booth on the Macbook and let what happens happen."


Day 1185 of 365 4 lyf. Ok, yeah… I’ve done this shot before. I’ve done a lot of the ones I’ve been doing recently before. I just don’t have time to be interesting lately. I don’t have time to do much of anything. I was thinking the other day how much I used to love…


Day 1147 of 365 4 lyf. So I dropped my car off at the shop and then my laptop off at the other shop. Car should hopefully be fixed tomorrow. But I got the computer back today. Yay! Working laptop. Funny story. So I was at the Apple Store dropping my laptop off and I…


Day 1003 of 365 Again. The problem with spending Saturday night getting wasted is that it means I have to work twice as hard on Sunday to get the Cosmic Hellcats done, and working so much was why I needed a break in the first place. Still, I got it done. And I’m happy with…


Day 911 of 365 Again. Today was my grandmother’s funeral. I skipped it, as I always do. I’m told the service was nice. After the funeral, the rest of the family came back to the hotel and we watched a video slideshow I put together at my mother’s request. What I didn’t know is that…


Day 847 of 365 Again. My name is Chris Maverick, and I am the internet. At least it feels like it. Outside of my 365 Project here where I talk about my life, I have this blog where I talk about culture and politics and news and just whatever else is on my mind. Only…


Day 751 of 365 Again. It’s Labor Day weekend. A time of relaxing. That’s what I tried to do today. Spent the day at home hanging out with Steph. Something we don’t get enough time to do lately. We had a little BBQ (again) and hung out outside and talked. When I wasn’t doing that,…


Day 748 of 365 Again. Shot a very interesting episode of the 365 Days podcast today. My old friend Mickey Sacks, is in town as she travels across the country on her move, and we took the oppotunity to include her and several others in the show live via satellite (that’s cellphone and internet chat…


Day 746 of 365 Again. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a nice day-in-the-life B&W but I was so busy today that I figured bow would be a good time to throw one in. Photoshoot planned for tomorrow, as well as a new Hellcats due, and I’m still trying to catch up on…



Day 702 of 365 More.

Long day. You know, my weekends are just as busy as my weekdays.

Got satellite radio installed in the new truck. That was a priority, Sirius has spoiled me. I just can’t deal with terrestrial radio anymore.

After that I spent the whole night getting the next episode of Cosmic Hellcats up. Please check it out. I’m not as sure about this one as I have been with previous ones. I mean, I think it’s funny, but it was much more an episode about moving the story along, so I’d really like to know how it reads to everyone else. We haven’t been getting much feedback on the comic lately, which kinda sucks. I hate feeling like I’m just sending it out into the void and no one is paying attention.

365 days



Day 653 of 365 More.

Long long long day. And yet I don’t really have an interesting story. Memorial Day means I got a much needed three day weekend. Celebrated it in the traditional American memorial day celebration technique. I slept in til almost noon. Thank God too, I needed it.

After that, I got things together to do barbecue for a bunch of friends. First BBQ of the year, and it always reminds me, "wow, I really am a great cook." Sometimes, when I don’t have time that often, what with the hustle and bustle of life, I kinda forget that.

People hung out for a while and then left so Steph and I settled in for some quality TV watching. The second game of the Stanley Cup was tonight and, well, moving on…

New podcast is up. Check it out. It’s the exciting episode of Stephen and my mother trying to embarass me by showing kid pictures of me. Luckily I was a damn cute child. Enjoy.

365 days


Day 598 of 365 More. You know, producing a comic book is more work that I ever dreamed. After spending all day yesterday on a shoot, I spent all day today coloring the artwork inside. Since I hadn’t really done anything else, I thought I’d give everyone a sneakpeak at one of the pages. Hopefully…


Day 577 of 365 More. This can’t be healthy. I just have too many things going on in my life. Obviously I have my job. Then you add on the pro-wrestling career, a photography career, co-hosting a photography podcast(iTunes), and being the inspiring spiritual guide to 7,967 people worldwide I barely have time to breathe,…