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Day 756 of 365 Again. I like to have Steph in my self-portraits as much as possible. I dunno why. It probably is some silly thing having to do with loving her. Gross, huh? So anyway, tomorrow she’s going out on some crazy two day charity bike ride with her family. They invited me along,…


Day 715 of 365 More. Yay, Steph is back. She got in a little after 6, and had just enough time to shower before we went to the Mehndi (a traditional Indian before the wedding dinner kind of thing where the bride and her friends get henna tattoos). We spent the evening at the Mehndi…


Day 545 of 365 More. Spent a nice relaxing evening with Steph tonight. We went to dinner. Went shoe shopping. And then came home and watched bad television. What could be more fun than that. That said, after she went to bed, I did watch a comedy special, My Buddy Bill, comedy writer Rick Cleveland’s…


Day 417 of 365 More. Life sucks sometimes. In fact, life sucks most of the time. I don’t know why that is. But I wish it would stop. Sometimes it does stop. For like ten seconds, the world melts completely away, and everything is ok. Then it goes back to sucking. I wish ten seconds…

Two of Cups

Two of Cups

Rima contacted me about posing for the Tarot deck on Wednesday and we shot her on Thursday. It’s about the fatest turnaround I’ve ever done on a shoot, but it was another case of just trying to get a shoot in when both the model and I happened to have time.

I was quite happy to work with her, since through happenstance right now, the deck was very "caucasian." It’s been hard to find people of color for it. Especially women. I was hoping her complexion still comes across well in the B&W.

The big challenge here was representing "love" while only using one person so that it conceptually fit with the other twos in the deck.

Interpretation, comments and criticism welcome as always, and in fact encouraged.


Day 83 of 365 days. Today was the 8th anniversary of my first date with Steph. We celebrate it as any married couple would celebrate their anniversary. Its just that we never really bothered to get married. We’re quite content to just be living in sin. Really, we’ll fix that any day now. Anyway, we…