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Two of Coins

Two of Coins

The problem with taking years to complete a project like my Tarot Deck is that as time goes on I realize how unhappy I am with some of the earlier shots. This means I have to redo them, which means that the project takes even longer to complete.

The old Two of Coins has been on my list to reshoot for a long time, but it wasn’t actually my intention to use Lizz for the reshoot. In fact I had her pegged for the four of staffs, which wasn’t done yet at all. But after we shot that, she ended up liking one of the dresses in my model closet a lot (I have a wardrobe full of outfits for shoots) and once she tried it on, I decided she a great look for this card. Once I had edited it, I really felt like this was totally the way to go. I’m glad I did. Of course now I have to shoot the four of staffs yet again, but I’m pretty sure its worth it.


Day 999 of 365 Again. 1 day short of 1000. 1 shoot short of my 4 for the week. Lizz came over tonight to shoot her tarot card. We actually shot two, so now I’m in the weird place where I have to edit both and then decide which one I want to use. I…