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Day 1188 of 365 4 lyf. No real story on this. I was working on tonights which involved one of the characters having the ability to throw lightning. I decided it might be cool to do that myself. But then I remembered. I’m like supposed to be a photoshop wizard ot something. Well, it…


Day 1041 of 365 Again. So it basically rained all day in Pittsburgh today. As I was getting off work it was getting worse. In fact, when we got home the news said there was a tornado warning and server thunderstorms. The news not only begged everyone to hide in their basements but actually suggest…

XVI-Tower 2

XVI-Tower 2

Usually I only post four or five photos from a shoot at a time, but I’m still running way behind, so I spent the evening editing my entire shoot with Jonny.

It’s rare that I find male models on Model Mayhem, and it’s even rarer that one contacts me. But Jonny did and volunteered for the Tarot deck. Which was perfect because he had exactly the right look for my redo of the Tower Card. He was looking for some TFCD work in my style and in particular liked some of my motifs I use a lot (martial arts weapons and the comic posterization for the tarot deck). So it all worked out pretty good.



Day 696 of 365 More.

My name is Chris Maverick. I am the Fastest Man Alive.

Ok maybe not, but I had been meaning to do this shot since I bought this shirt. Oh well.

Actually, I’m not feeling particularly fast today. I’m actually kinda sore from all the time in the car, and I’ve been developing a headache over the last few hours. Hopefully sleeping it off will help.

365 days


Day 557 of 365 More. You know what every kid is gonna want this Christmas? The new Maverick action figure. What cool be cooler than that? You wanna know what? It now comes with Kung-Fu grip. That’s right. Say you have the old Maverick action figure. You figure you don’t need the new one, right?…


Day 553 of 365 More. Everytime I do some heavy special effect superhero-esque shots like I did a couple times this week, I get a few people asking how I did stuff. Since I needed a podcast tutorial for this week I decided to maybe share some of the secrets. So make sure you check…


Day 542 of 365 More. It’s been quite a while since I did a superhero pic. I didn’t have a good idea for today, I figured it was a good day to bust out the old photoshop skills. Maybe I should do a tutorial about this kinda thing some day on the 365 Podcast. Of…



Another tarot card complete. This time my friend Jameel was nice enough to pose for it. You know, when I started this, I really expected the nude major arcana cards to be the hardest to fill, but I have more of them done than anything.

I swear, there are clothed cards coming… really there are.


Day 220 of 365 days. I had made up my mind yesterday to do a Matrix picture today. For a couple reasons. One, I enjoyed my Scarface poster from the other day. And also, this weeks Class With Dave assignment was to do a Matrix inspired picture. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a very strong idea.…


Day 66 of 365 days. Steph wanted to learn more about Photoshop and asked me to teach her some stuff so I came up with this little exercise to teach her a couple things. I had been wanting to do something else Photoshoppy anyway. So I kinda threw this together while watching Heroes tonight. Maybe…