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Day 741 of 365 Again. So the cut on my nose is healing. I’m trying to be hopeful hat it won’t leave a scar, but we’ll see. Beyond that, I got some new pics of Holly posted today from the motorcycle shoot, so check it out. Finally, over at Cosmic Helllcats we have a new…


Day 737 of 365 Again. Ouch! You know, when I started this project, I figured sooner or later I was going to get busted open and that would be my picture for the day. I was sure that it would happen sooner or later in a wrestling ring. It never occurred to me that it…


Day 722 of 365 More. The risks of professional wrestling. This is Shiima. Shiima was my long time partner in wrestling when we first started. Til he became a bastard and I was forced to turn on him. Anyway, he had a match tonight and got smacked in the head with a steel chair. Have…



Day 658 of 365 More.

Ouch. I never knew hottubs could be so dangerous.

Yes, that’s right, I cut myself on a hottub. One of the knobs was stuck. And since I was in the tub, my hands were too slippery to really get a grip on it and turn it. So I reached beneath it and tried to twist from there. Only, yeah, you’re not really supposed to do that.


In other news, if you’re a 365 Days podcast fan, we posted the challenge early. So check it out.

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