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Queen of Coins

Queen of Coins

One photoshoot for the week down, only three to go. Unfortunately, this was the simplest one. A tarot card that I knew exactly what I wanted for, and although I’d never worked with Cindy before she was a total pro.

I can’t believe I have less than 20 tarot cards left. Well sort of anyway. There’s a few that I’ve since decided I’m not happy with and may want to redo. An artist is never satisfied.

Well, maybe he is. Because I like this one quite a lot.


Day 945 of 365 Again. I just felt like doing something with a little more energy today. I don’t really have a story per se. I spent the evening working on Hellcats. Like I do pretty much every evening. It’s funny. I’ve actually been rather creative lately. I’ve done 3 shoots this week and I…


Day 87 of 365 days. Decided I wanted to do something a little silly today. Just wanted to mix things up. But I really could come up with anything. Then I experimented taking pictures of my hand. Well, it was different but not silly. Then I thought, why not my foot? So here we present,…