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Day 1207 of 365 4 lyf. I wasn’t really in the mood to take a picture today, so I went in the studio to default to one of my usual backup shots. But then I didn’t really want to do that either. What to do, what to do? Then it occurred to me that it…


Day 1181 of 365 4 lyf. So for our anniversary, among other things, Steph and I got brand new iPhones. There were a lot of reasons I was looking forward to this, but one that I hadn’t really been thinking about is how much better the built-in camera on this one. And if you’re gonna…


Day 1077 of 365 Again. I’ve been meaning to process my hair for like two weeks now. Finally got around to doing it tonight. Honestly, this is probably of no consequence to anyone but me at all, but I thought it made kind of a cool picture. Mostly just because it gives me a chance…


Day 989 of 365 Again. You know I have no idea what I was thinking here. I guess I was going for some kinda superpowersy kinda thing but then not really. I dunno, I think this is just my mind starting to go from the sleep deprivation…. Good bye mind! I’ll miss you. 365 days


Day 876 of 365 Again. I figured today I would do something creative with my self-portrait, but that didn’t really happen. Instead I decided to explore another technique of texturing an image, kind of like I did yesterday. Exciting, huh. Maybe not, but like I said, it’s a vacation. You know, looking at my eyes,…


Day 840 of 365 Again. Black Friday! It’s funny. Black Friday isn’t nearly as scary as it used to be. Steph refused to go out shopping with me, because she believes the hype that you hear on the news. People being trampled to death or shooting each other at a toy store. But really, these…


Day 823 of 365 Again. I thought this would work out much better than it did. Oh well. I took this while driving down the highway, on my way out to the bar again tonight to see my friends perform. It’s basically become my tuesday night thing. Sadly my Tuesday night thing doesn’t excuse me…


Day 741 of 365 Again. So the cut on my nose is healing. I’m trying to be hopeful hat it won’t leave a scar, but we’ll see. Beyond that, I got some new pics of Holly posted today from the motorcycle shoot, so check it out. Finally, over at Cosmic Helllcats we have a new…



Day 699 of 365 More.

You know, I’m pretty much just addicted to this whole self-portrait thing. I was talking to my mom the other day about the one day she’s missed, and the thing is, I don’t even know how to NOT take a picture. After 699 days, there’s a lot of days I don’t have ideas and just don’t really feel like it. But honestly, I don’t think I can even sleep through the night if I haven’t taken a picture. It’s just too much a part of my life right now.

I know that sounds like dedication. It’s not really. It’s neurosis. I have a problem. I obsess over certain things. This has become one of them. Just like smoking (ran out of cigarettes hours ago and everything reasonable is closed… I’m working really hard to not go out and buy a pack), working on the comic (new episode yesterday, if you haven’t been checking it out, you should be… cheap plug), nightly orgies with Carmen Electra, Rhianna and Elisha Cuthbert, and chocolate chip cookies.

There are just somethings that I can’t live without.

Wouldn’t it be great if those things were like working out, eating healthy, and solving the energy crisis? Oh well.

365 days



Day 653 of 365 More.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… or something like that.

Today was kinda productive, yet not very memorable. Finished yet another Cosmic Hellcats comic and got it posted. Mowed the lawn. Worked on some other stuff. Watched a movie. Nothing terribly interesting.

I had no good idea for a shot today, so I fell back on what all great artist do. I stole. I once had a professor who said "never borrow an idea, always steal. Because that way you make it your own." As such, I decided to steal a concept from the lovely and talented like_shipwrecks. I actually saw the shot and immediately knew I’d copycat it at some point. I just didn’t know it would be so soon. Oh well. Thanks for the idea, ‘Ship!

That’s about it for today, I guess. You want more of me, go read my comic. It’s funny.

365 days


Day 612 of 365 More. There, that’s a lot better. Smooth as a baby’s bottom. So I’m done with the Hellcats comic, as I said before. The comic version is ordered(still isn’t appearing at the online store yet). The portfolio edition is ordered. Now I just need to figure out what else to do. If…


Day 438 of 365 More. You know, if I weren’t so good at my job, I’d probably kill myself. Still working on meeting this deadline by the end of the week. There was so much work today that I really did have a lot of fear about getting it done. It always feels like its…


Day 357 of 365 days. As this year of photos comes to a close you might notice that I am cramming in several of my back-up ideas I’ve had that I wanted to make sure are included in my book when its done. It was a pretty lazy friday. Mostly because it was too damn…


Day 348 of 365 days. Here’s the difference between one of my parties and anyone else’s. I actually have to take measurements in the living room to make sure my decoration concept is going to work. You know, with this level of neurotic attention to detail, you’d think it’d be easier for me to find…