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Day 1059 of 365 Again. Tennessee to Pennsylvania is a long ass drive. It’s an even longer drive when you run into a torrential downpour in Northern Tennessee, so bad that traffic slows down to a crawl and then you have to deal with several car wrecks because despite the totally awesome southern 70mph, well…

Jameel driving

Jameel driving

On the way home from the car dealer yesterday, Jameel and I both took cameraphone shots of each other out the windows. Here’s Jameel flashing the peace sign as I drove by him.

What I really love is the distortion on the truck in the background. I think its a combination of the warping of my window, a longish exposure for a cameraphone shot and the effective speed of 130+ mph (combined his speed and mine) as we passed each other on the highway.


Day 15 of 365 days. "Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are…" -Meat Loaf Didn’t have that many super ideas for today as it was kind of a lazy Saturday. Initially I was going to take a picture of me replastering my attic, but I never got around to going…