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Day 1129 of 365 Again. I cleaned today. Steph’s been away so I thought it’d be a good idea to surprise her with a clean house when she got back. That’s a big deal. I suck at cleaning. Like a lot. Really, I’m downright awful at it. But I buckled down. Mowed the lawn, winterized…


Day 1002 of 365 Again. I really needed a party. I’ve been working my ass off lately with shoots, the comic and my actual job. I really needed to kick back and get drunk. Tonight was the night for that. Unfortunately a lot of my friends didn’t agree, so I had about the least packed…


Day 180 of 365 days. I’m feeling a little better today, not that things are really looking up. Maybe its just that I made myself useful today. Went and got my weekly comic books, then did some grocery shopping. I felt all proactive and was looking forward to doing my daily workout and then for…


Day 25 of 365 days. I actually had a couple photoshoppy ideas that I thought I might try today but then I got interested in doing some work on my novel instead. So instead this is me at work on that. Tess makes her second appearance in this project as my proofreader. 365 days