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Day 956 of 365 Again. I’m more or less gotten over my feelings on the Watchmen movie, so Hollywood decided it was maybe time to crush my spirits. I hadn’t really been excited about the solo Wolverine movie coming out. He’s not really one of my favorite characters. But the previews show that he’s joined…


Day 446 of 365 More. Happy Halloween. I kind of thought that I would do something halloween for today’s picture, but I really wasn’t in the mood. Halloween for me isn’t til this Saturday when the party happens, and we didn’t even really have that many kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. So I think I’ll…


Day 390 of 365 More. Let the cards fall where they may… Won my poker game this evening. It’s been a while since that’s happened. In fact not only did I win, I pretty much had a dominating chip lead the entire time. Maybe my luck is turning. I have a second interview with one…

class with dave: 12×12

class with dave: 12x12

cwd143 – Square Foot. The entire content of your photo must be 12×12 inches (~30x30cm). What? I’m talking about the entire frame. So, first…your photo must be cropped square (non-square images will be removed from the pool). Second, if you enlarged the photo to 12×12, it would be a life-sized photo. Am I making any sense yet? Perhaps an exmaple. Let’s say your subject was an 8.5×11 inch sheet of paper (boring…don’t you dare do it) – that’s less than 12×12, so there would be some space around the piece of paper. Now let’s say your subject was a person. People are bigger than 12×12, so you might have a head and a shoulder. Or maybe a couple feet and ankles. Get it? Bottom line: if you blew it up to 12×12, it would be life-sized. Obviously, I don’t expect perfect precision on the whole 12×12 thing…but if it’s obviously 20×20 or 5×5, I’ll boot it from the pool. Get as close as you can to 12×12. The goal of this assignment is to alter the way you look at things. Footnote: Please, no photos of rulers.

a 365 reject of my Day 249 shot.