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Day 177 of 365 days. I’m still a little sore from yesterday’s wrestling, but I’m healing up nicely. It was nice to be able to sleep in on a Sunday. Basically spent the afternoon working on editing the most recent photoshoot I did (would love to have comments and feedback from other 365ers and fans,…

Nicki 2

Nicki 2

I’ve been continuing to use my time on unemployment to work on my photography. My friend Nicki was nice enough to stop by and model for me. I did my best to make her look like a Maxim covergirl. Luckily half the job was done just by her walking in the door.


Day 56 of 365 days. Rather than having dining room furniture, Steph and I have converted our dining room into an old fashioned bar. The corner piece of it is a bar my grandfather built back in 1976. When he died a couple years ago, I inherited it and transported it to our house. I…