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Day 647 of 365 More.


So, I say all the time that I never expected 365 to really take off the way it did. I would really have been happy if there were 20 people in the group on my first day, but now every time I look at the stats and see it’s over 8500 people all over the world, I am astounded.

The group has gotten so big and so amazing that a month ago, my mother decided to organize the members to pay tribute to me and my awesomeness.


So I kind of expect my mother and Steph to do stuff like this, because for some crazy reason, they claim to actually love me. I even expect it of Jameel since he’s spent the better part of his adult life, laying in bed at night and dreaming that he might one day be the Maverick. I’m happy they participated, but its no surprise.

The real surprise is the other 130-odd people who have also copycatted one of my photos in the last 24 hours.

I’m sorry I can’t go through and comment on each and every one of you (just flipping through the pool and working on this pic ate up my whole night and kept me from working on the next episode of Cosmic Hellcats which I had planned on working on tonight (and if you aren’t reading my webcomic, shame on you. Go check it out now! End cheap plug…), but let me just say that viewing the whole thing really made my day. So thank you to all who participated.

When I first heard about this, my immediate thought was "hmm, I wonder how many catholic school girl pics there are going to be today?" I kinda guessed that there might be one from like_shipwrecks and I was was so sure that PhotoKat would do one, that I would have bet my life on it. But the entries from er3465, evaxebra and gaymay were nice surprises. And it was great going through the pool and seeing other people’s takes on all my other ideas.

So thank you to everyone who participated and feel free to make it a yearly occurrence. Maybe next year we’ll all get off work. 🙂

365 days


Day 408 of 365 More. Editor’s Note: This one will probably be long and include a lot of deep introspection. It’s going to wander a bit and be pretty stream of consciousness and less well thought out than most things I write, because really, its more just me trying to figure out my screwed up…