I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a double major in Creative Writing and Literary and Cultural Studies and a minor in art. Over the years since, I have used this training in both personal and professional endeavors. This page contains writing samples from various projects that I have been involved in.

I have been keeping a blog on Livejournal.com since July of 2002. Originally, I used the blog as a diary of my daily life. Over time it has mutated into a social commentary of pop culture, news and media. I tend to write in a politically incorrect voice and look at alternate sides of issues that are generally not receiving the attention in other forums. This website contains a copy of the 60 most recent posts at any given time. The complete blog can be found at chrismaverick.livejournal.com (RSS).

I have done quite a lot of writing both as a professional UI Designer/Information Architect and as an academic studying popular culture. I have also written the occasional essay for the internet either in my blog or other forums. Several of these papers are collected here.

I have written several short stories and have two novels in progress, neither of which I find the time to work on as often as I would like. However, I do have some of those stories collected here as well.