I originally enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University as an Art Major back in 1992. It didn't work out. My idea of art didn't mesh as well with the department's as I had hoped and I began to develop other interests. I did graduate from CMU with an Art minor, and while I pursued other careers, I maintained my interest over the years.

Years later I became interested in photography and found that many of my older art skills still apply. In particular the use of composition and lighting. Since that time I have become increasingly interested in further photo projects and have fallen more in love with the camera than I ever was with the pencil, brush, or digital sketch pad (although I still use all of those tools as well).

Currently, I am invested in two major photography projects. The first is 365 Days. On August 12, 2006, I vowed to take one self-portrait every day for an entire year. On each photo, I record a brief journal entry documenting my day. At this point, I have inspired thousands of people all over the world to attempt the project themselves. There is a community on Flickr.com devoted to photographers attempting the project.

The second project is my Tarot Project. During one photoshoot with a model, I was inspired by a pose which I considered "tarot-like." Later I decided that perhaps it'd be interesting to create a 78 image portfolio of a modern tarot deck and went to work designing it. Upon completion I hope to publish it, perhaps as a deck, perhaps as a book.

I also have a portfolio of other photography work.