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Day 1061 of 365 Again. This is really starting to piss me off. Right before Steph and I left for Tennessee, I started having problems with my pool. For some reason the circuit I have my filter plugged into was overloaded and it kept tripping. So I had to run a cable to another circuit…


Day 1016 of 365 Again. Finally! Finally it was warm enough to actually get in my pool. In fact, it was so hot that Steph and I decided to go swimming at night. Funny thing about underwater photography. I don’t even much care if it’s good or anything like that, though, I suppose if I…


Day 987 of 365 Again. It was 84 degrees in Pittsburgh today.Almost like we were having a real summer. Half way through the day all I could think about was coming home and cleaning the pool. I’m having a bbq tomorrow and it will probably still be too cold to actually go in the water,…

6-27-08 alternate

6-27-08 alternate

Steph and I finally got in the pool for the first time this summer. This was my original idea for a shot, but I ended up liking another one better, I think. Still this was just too funny, and I felt like I really had to post it anyway.