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Day 988 of 365 Again. yawn…. Yep, I’m tired. Spent the whole day moving at 100 miles an hour. First, I was up all night drinking with Amaya, Max and Steph. Then this morning, I finished cleaning my pool, then went shopping for food for the BBQ. Got home and cooked for a bunch of…


Day 984 of 365 Again. I’m actually not nearly as depressed today as I was yesterday. But I actually think the picture looks even more depressed. Actually I’m just tired. Beat really. After skimping out on workouts for the last week or so, I decided to start up again. The problem with that is that…


Day 900 of 365 Again. Nine hundred days. I’d totally try to do something memorable for this but really, I haven’t even left the house today. I spent the entire day in bed pretty much trying to get over this flu. I actually feel a lot better right now. Certainly not 100% but well enough…


Day 805 of 365 Again. Everybody’s working for the weekend. Or at least I am. And it’s finally here. I remember back before I had a job, I constantly was worried about money and finding one. I was soooo busy looking for work that that was basically a fulltime job. But at the time i…



Day 695 of 365 More.

14 hours on the road and we’re back. Vacations are too much work. I need one just to recover from the one that just ended. Sheesh.

In any case, I’m exhausted. Maybe I’ll try to do something inventive tomorrow. Maybe not. We’ll see how it goes.

365 days



Day 653 of 365 More.

Long long long day. And yet I don’t really have an interesting story. Memorial Day means I got a much needed three day weekend. Celebrated it in the traditional American memorial day celebration technique. I slept in til almost noon. Thank God too, I needed it.

After that, I got things together to do barbecue for a bunch of friends. First BBQ of the year, and it always reminds me, "wow, I really am a great cook." Sometimes, when I don’t have time that often, what with the hustle and bustle of life, I kinda forget that.

People hung out for a while and then left so Steph and I settled in for some quality TV watching. The second game of the Stanley Cup was tonight and, well, moving on…

New podcast is up. Check it out. It’s the exciting episode of Stephen and my mother trying to embarass me by showing kid pictures of me. Luckily I was a damn cute child. Enjoy.

365 days


Day 588 of 365 More. Yeah, ok… my eyes are kinda bloodshot. Popular myth. People think I don’t sleep. Nothing could be farther than the truth. Actually I do sleep. Just not as much as most people. I learned a long time ago that even though I don’t need as much sleep with as other…


Day 519 of 365 More. Well, I guess I’m done. Was supposed to have two different photoshoots this weekend, both of which I was going to include in the Black and Lights show. Both were cancelled for different reasons. It’s probably fine. I ended up spending over $200 on prints, and I’m pretty happy with…


Day 514 of 365 More. I’m burned out. It’s not a bad thing, really. But that’s how it is. Between a bunch of photoshoots, planning my Black and Light photo exhibit for the gallery show I’m doing in a couple weeks, being buried behind a million things at work, Christmas, New Years, putting together the…


Day 511 of 365 More. I’ve literally been waiting for this moment for 511 days. Today, I got my 365 Days coffee table book from One of my first thoughts when I started this project was how cool it would be to have a little coffee table book of my year once the whole…