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Day 1242 of 365 4 lyf. The worst part about taking a vacation is coming back. I had a week and a half off but that ended today. Work wasn’t bad or anything like that but it was SO exhausting. I was completely wiped by like 1:30. Got home and immediately took a nap. Maybe…


Day 1203 of 365 4 lyf. Tryptophan. Most people say it’s a myth. That turkey doesn’t make you drowsy. Those people can go to hell. Had thanksgiving dinner with Steph’s family, came home and tried to do some work. Problem is I’m beat. Big day tomorrow. Time to start the Chrismas shopping season. 365 days


Day 1071 of 365 Again. Friday at last! Thank god. I actually really liked my photo from yesterday and thought I’d probably do something creative again today, but I ended up having to do today’s Hellcat Cosmos comic by myself tonight (usually Max does the Saturday comic alone, but he was busy), so that took…


Day 1033 of 365 Again. I do entirely too many of these lately. Late night work sessions lead into me losing track of time or not having time to really come up with a good idea, so i take a quick snapshot of me working on my computer. I have a shoot tomorrow and won’t…