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Day 725 of 365 More. So I’ve been seriously slacking off with my workouts lately, and I’ve paid for it. When I weighed in last week I was a full ten pounds over where I was last Jammy Jam. And Jammy Jam is all about being sexy. That’s the impetus I needed to get back…

Laurie’s shoes

Laurie's shoes

Like most of my recent models, I met Laurie on Model Mayhem. I actually saw her as a preppy staff card type for my Tarot Set, but she told me she really wanted to try to be one of the sword cards. The more I talked to her, the more I liked the idea of using her there. She has a very versatile look and that ended up being perfect for the idea of the 3 cards, a reflection of the one suit in another.


Day 204 of 365 days. Witness the grandmother of all back up shots. It was a pretty long day. First I got a rejection letter in the mail for a job that claims I interviewed well, but I don’t remember even applying for, much less interviewing for. From there, Steph and I went to Gina’s…