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Day 684 of 365 More.

You know, sometimes I think I’m losing my mind. No particular reason. At least not one that I can put my finger on. I only realized tonight when my face started itching that I haven’t shaved all week. It’s 2:30am and I’m up and not really doing anything just because I can’t sleep. That’s nothing new really. I never sleep. I’ve mentioned that before. But usually I utilize that time working on something creative. The comic, pictures. Something. But I got the comic posted hours ago, and I just don’t have the mental energy to work on any thing.

So instead I’m sitting up and watching the World Trade Center movie, when i should be going to bed so I can go to work tomorrow.

Pretty sure I’m losing my mind.

Yep. Pretty sure.

365 days


Day 281 of 365 days. Basically took it easy today. Spent the morning editing pics from Thursday’s photoshoot (there should be some posted soon) and then took a nice long hot tub soak. That did wonders for my back. I’m still hurting a bit, but it really is much better. I’ll say it again, if…