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Day 1089 of 365 Again. Long long long long long ass day. Worked late. We have a new software release coming out tomorrow, so I stayed a couple hours late to do some testing. After that Steph and I went to dinner and then I spent the entire night working on photos and once that…



Trix, a wrestling friend of mine, wanted sexy but tasteful pics to sell to her fans so she called me up and we did a shoot. Came up with some really good stuff. Even with no real previous modeling experience i think she did great.


Day 1010 of 365 Again. So this Tuesday is an election day in Pennsylvania. Exciting huh? Well, not so much. You see, it’s a primary. As I am registered as an independent, neither the republican party, nor the democratic party really gives a damn about my opinion on things and therefore I don’t get to…


Day 945 of 365 Again. I just felt like doing something with a little more energy today. I don’t really have a story per se. I spent the evening working on Hellcats. Like I do pretty much every evening. It’s funny. I’ve actually been rather creative lately. I’ve done 3 shoots this week and I…

Damsel – The Boxer 5

Damsel - The Boxer 5

Another shot of Damsel. Only one for tonight, but really it might as well be four.

It’s rare that I do this, but this one you probably want to view large.


Day 732 of 365 Again. Yep, I figure I might as well do it again. Why not? I mean, it’s pretty much just my life now. Anyway, everyone wish Steph a Happy Birthday. There’d be no 365 without her. And well, let’s see what crazy things the next year brings me. Had this shot idea…

3-29-07 reject

3-29-07 reject

this is alternate shot of Day 230 of my 365 Days shot.