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Day 1061 of 365 Again. This is really starting to piss me off. Right before Steph and I left for Tennessee, I started having problems with my pool. For some reason the circuit I have my filter plugged into was overloaded and it kept tripping. So I had to run a cable to another circuit…



Trix, a wrestling friend of mine, wanted sexy but tasteful pics to sell to her fans so she called me up and we did a shoot. Came up with some really good stuff. Even with no real previous modeling experience i think she did great.


Day 987 of 365 Again. It was 84 degrees in Pittsburgh today.Almost like we were having a real summer. Half way through the day all I could think about was coming home and cleaning the pool. I’m having a bbq tomorrow and it will probably still be too cold to actually go in the water,…



Day 686 of 365 More.

Ah, refreshing.

Steph and I finally got a chance to use the pool tonight. It was quite nice. Not quite as warm as I like it (I like my pool water to feel warm… almost like the hottub) but it was quite nice anyway, probably just the temperature that most people like it.

Anyway, initially I had intended to do a shot of me floating underwater, but then I got the idea of doing a jumping out of the water shot (as opposed to my cannonballing into it that I did last year). This is what I finally came up with.

Aquaman, eat your heart out!

365 days



Day 668 of 365 More.

It’s been hot this week. Godawful hot. In the 90s, and extremly humid. I guess some places it’s like that all the time, but that’s exceptional for Pittsburgh this time of year.

And the worse part, I hadn’t gotten around to cleaning and filling my pool so I couldn’t just jump in to cool off.

I decided tonight was a good time to fix that.

While I was at it, I filmed a tutorial for next week’s podcast on shutter speed. So if you’ve ever wondered how to do a shot like this, where you freeze water in the air, be sure to check out next week’s show. (This week’s show will hopefully be up soon).

365 days


Day 195 of 365 days. I got home very late last night from that old lady’s house that I mentioned yesterday. I wish someone had warned me about her. She wanted to do unspeakable things. Just unspeakable! Anyway, it was another productive day for FUNemployed Mav. I talked to a couple different recruiters about jobs.…