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Day 23: 1-23-12

Day 23: 1-23-12

Day 23 of the New Era

Been doing a lot of work. This is how my computer sees me. I hope I don’t freeze that way.

Day 13: 1-13-12

Day 13: 1-13-12

Day 13 of the New Era

I think I used to be more intersting when I did 365 before. Now I have a lot of days when I come home from work and all I want to do is lay down and take a nap. So on a day like today. we’ll just settle for a nice simple "let’s fire up Photo Booth on the Macbook and let what happens happen."


Day 1306 of 365 4 lyf. I’m still trying to catch up on posting 365s. I don’t even necesarilly remember what I was doing each day anymore. Just that I didn’t miss any. I don’t think there was really a story here. I was just playing with special effects in photobooth on my mac. 365…


Day 1150 of 365 4 lyf. Ok, I put effort into yesterday’s pic. Well kinda, anyway. Morgan pointed out that she and Steph did all the work. But whatever, I figured that meant I could slack off a bit today. Actually I didn’t really slack. I spent the entire day working on Hellcats which I…


Day 964 of 365 Again. Today was April Fools day. I thought about having a big April Fools joke kinda picture. I also thought about just doing something cool since I have this idea I want to do for a blog rant. I didn’t get around to either of those things. Instead I spent the…


Day 786 of 365 Again. You know, writing a comic strip is hard. Sometimes I have good ideas for Cosmic Hellcats and sometimes not. Tonight was one of the nots. I knew what had to happen in tonights episode. Max did a great hob of drawing it. And I thought the sight gag was mildly…


Day 360 of 365 days. When I started this project I thought that by day 10 I’d be resorting to 11:59pm cameraphone photos. 360 days in and that still hasn’t happened yet. But I didn’t have a great idea for a shot today, and I thought "you know, I should get one of those in."…