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Day 1017 of 365 Again. It’s been really nice out lately. Yesterday I went swimming (might do it again in a little bit) and today Steph and I went to her nephew’s hockey game. On the way out I noticed how well our roses had been blooming so I stopped to smell them. And while…


Day 892 of 365 Again. You know, usually when something monumental happens I tend to write some kind of commentary or rant on it. I try to make poignant important points while peppering things with my own snide assholish humor. But sometimes, even I don’t have the heart. Today is Martin Luther King day. Basically…


Day 876 of 365 Again. I figured today I would do something creative with my self-portrait, but that didn’t really happen. Instead I decided to explore another technique of texturing an image, kind of like I did yesterday. Exciting, huh. Maybe not, but like I said, it’s a vacation. You know, looking at my eyes,…


Day 840 of 365 Again. Black Friday! It’s funny. Black Friday isn’t nearly as scary as it used to be. Steph refused to go out shopping with me, because she believes the hype that you hear on the news. People being trampled to death or shooting each other at a toy store. But really, these…



Day 676 of 365 More.

Well, my 50mm lens is still broken, but Amazon assures me that a new one has shipped.

I was stuck for an idea today and I kinda started wondering how well the broken lens would work. It has no ability to focus whatsoever, so it was kind of a challenge to move back and forth until I found a spot where I was totally in focus, but I think I nailed it pretty good.

Except for a slight crop (very slight, just got ride of a hair of blackspace on the side) this is right out of the camera. That’s something you don’t see from me very often.

365 days



Day 657 of 365 More.

So, like I said, I got fan art from Helder. It’s posted on the Cosmic Hellcats website so check it out.

Went to my weekly poker game tonight. I’ve been playing really well lately. In fact, tonight I’d say that I played better than anyone else. I had the chip lead pretty much the entire night. And then I lost it all in a series of bad breaks right at the end. So 3 hour of poker and nothing to show for it. *sigh* Somebody up there definitely hates me.

365 days


Day 217 of 365 days. I was looking through my previous pictures earlier and just enjoying seeing where I’ve been and what I’ve done, and I realized that I hadn’t really done a simple portrait in quite a while. I’ve just been taking shots that were somehow related to my day and talking about that.…


Day 113 of 365 days. Two days in a row with two backup pictures. Had a very busy day. Spent the morning painting the attic with Steph and then this evening went to Jill’s birthday dinner. I actually did take some pictures there but mostly other people. Actually took this one at her place while…