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Day 1323 of 365 4 lyf. Still catching up… Steph and I have been catching a lot of movies lately. It’s nice. Tonight we went out to see Hottub Time Machine. It was quite funny, actually. I always enjoy a nice 80s flashback, and that John Cusack, he’s so dreamy. Ummm… never mind. 365 days…


Day 1310 of 365 4 lyf. Still catching up… Took a break from working on comics and photos around the clock to go to the movies with Steph. We went and saw Alice in Wonderland, mostly because of her ridiculous schoolgirl crush on Johnny Depp. I actually was kind of looking forward to it. I’d…


Day 1122 of 365 Again. I’ve mentioned before that I’m addicted to DVDs. It seems like that’s kind of a safe addiction. I could be addicted to alcohol or cocaine or heroin or something. But DVDs have a problem over drug addiction. SPACE. Dvds take it up. The more you buy the less room you…



Day 644 of 365 More.

I’m clearly getting burnt out again.

I had big plans for today. I went to the movies and while I was there, I took this picture in front of the Hulk statue. My intent was to come home and make a movie poster with it and then use that poster to do a tutorial for the podcast, which I had told Stephen I was gonna do this week.

I worked on it for maye 30 min. If you look you’ll see that I have done a slight bit of retouching. The rope that is in front of the Hulk has been digitally removed by his legs.

And then I ran out of steam. Like I’m seriously completely spent. It’s only 12:30. I’m me. I should be up for like 4 more hours.

I can’t, I’m just dead.

So this is as far as it gets. Sorry.

365 days


Day 335 of 365 days. Mav: 0 Meteors: 1. As a "great man" once said "Fool me once, shame on me… Fool me twice… Won’t be fooled again…" So you’ll recall a week ago I had a job lined up. Not a particularly favorable job, as it was going to require me spending a month…


Day 59 of 365 days. Here we go. A color photo. You know how some people have problems with cocaine and heroin and stuff? I have this addiction to DVDs. I know. I know. But somehow I just can’t help myself. I started out just experimenting with VHS. The gateway media. And then it was…