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Trixie (MM#1534372) and I actually had our "Got Snow" set go up at Zivity a few days ago, but I never got around to putting samples up here. Well that certainly can’t continue. It was like 10 degrees that day, and she was in a bikini. The things we do for art.

If you don’t have a zivity account and want me to give you a trial invite, let me know, or just go over there to check them out now.


Day 1108 of 365 Again. The nice thing about being a prestigious doctor of psychology is that you get to fly all over the world attending conferences and stuff like that. The crappy thing about being engaged to a globetrotting psychologist is that I don’t get to go with her. Dropped Steph off at the…


Day 1030 of 365 Again. Steph goes off to this conference in DC every year and leaves me at home alone. to sulk in my sadness alone. She left today after we had a nice dinner together. So now I’m just really really bored and lonely. Now see, if I were a cute chick, I’d…

Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups

After doing no Tarot cards for months, I got three done this week. All with new models. Kinda weird the way they go in bursts like that.

This one is Miaa and Xero. They were supposed to do a longer shoot, but Miaa wasn’t feeling well. Yet they still showed up to make sure they got the tarot card done. For that I am very thankful. Definitely have to get them back to do a longer shoot soon.