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Day 1184 of 365 4 lyf. Another day with no ideas. That means a prime opportunity to test my new light. One of the few things that you can do wtih strobes that you can’t do well with hot lights is frozen motion, so I figured I’d give that a shot. Well, it’s something different…



Day 686 of 365 More.

Ah, refreshing.

Steph and I finally got a chance to use the pool tonight. It was quite nice. Not quite as warm as I like it (I like my pool water to feel warm… almost like the hottub) but it was quite nice anyway, probably just the temperature that most people like it.

Anyway, initially I had intended to do a shot of me floating underwater, but then I got the idea of doing a jumping out of the water shot (as opposed to my cannonballing into it that I did last year). This is what I finally came up with.

Aquaman, eat your heart out!

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