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Chaste: Fresh Start

I haven’t been taking many pics lately, but I needed to do some for the Cosmic Hellcats. Chaste told me that she hadn’t actually modeled for pics in years, so after we shot her Hellcat pics, we decided to throw together some fresh headshots and such for her. I think she did a great job.…

white rose

white rose

Ooh look, Mav is posting a pic of a flower. Isn’t it pretty? Maybe I’ll make explore!

Actually I just happened to notice that for some reason one of our rose bushes bloomed a new rose today. All the others have fallen off and died for the fall, but for some reason one just happened to sprout and I thought I’d take a picture.

I have a bunch of G20 protest pictures to post. They’ll be up later or tomorrow, but this seemed like something nice to put up in the meanwhile.


Day 1093 of 365 Again. I really don’t wrestle that much. Thank god. I don’t think I could take much more than I do. I had a BDW show tonight. I wrestled in a battle royal and then an hour later I had a singles match. Didn’t win either but I had fun. Somewhere in…