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Day 1452 of 365 4 lyf. For my birthday dinner (well, day after birthday dinner), Steph and some friends took me out to a local Hibachi called Nakama. From the sounds of things, every other table in the place was someone’s birthday as well. So all night there was singing and pyrotechnic candles being lit…



Day 708 of 365 More.

My friend Tommy lives a few blocks from here in a house that overlooks the valley of Mt. Oliver. Every year, there’s this Mt. Oliver township fair kinda thing and they shoot off fireworks for it. Tommy has a great view of it, so he decided to have a BBQ and invite people over to watch.

Of course, the fireworks don’t start til like 11. So Tommy and his nieghbors kind of shoot some off early to kinda prime the sky so to speak. Here’s me burning a couple.

365 days


Day 327 of 365 days. One of the nice things about living in Pittsburgh is that its the home of Zambelli international Fireworks, one of the premier pyrotechnics firms in the country. They put on fireworks for Hollywood movies. They’re great. Which means the Pittsburgh 4th of July celebration is always awesome. Steph and I…