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Day 1025 of 365 Again. I put a lot of work into yesterday’s photo, so I decided that I could just phone it in today. Literally. Actually, sometimes I just like doing weird things. I think to myself, wow, I wonder what I look like to that bug sitting on my porch light. Well, now…


Day 1005 of 365 Again. So very tired… this working around th eclock lately is starting to take it’s toll. Trying to get some of the comic strip done tonight and I’m falling asleep while I work. I think I may just have to call it night. And what do I do when I have…


Day 883 of 365 Again. So Steph and I are going on vacation to Vegas next week. I’ve been thinking about what I’m most looking forward to. Of course one of those things is winning millions of dollars. One of those things is going to see the Blue Man Group. But you know what I’m…


Day 863 of 365 Again. Damn it’s cold outside. I actually thought about going out today. Maybe taking a picture outside. Doing something more interesting than I had been doing. Fuck that. It’s currently 8 degrees here in Pittsburgh, with an overnight low of 5 degrees. The windchill is -20. I might climb into my…


Day 803 of 365 Again. Still working on my Halloween costume. Don’t you just love the way he drama is building? I thought so. I know it doesn’t look like much. hell, it acutally doesn’t look like anything. But trust me, it’s all part of the process and we’re well underway. This is going to…



Day 657 of 365 More.

So, like I said, I got fan art from Helder. It’s posted on the Cosmic Hellcats website so check it out.

Went to my weekly poker game tonight. I’ve been playing really well lately. In fact, tonight I’d say that I played better than anyone else. I had the chip lead pretty much the entire night. And then I lost it all in a series of bad breaks right at the end. So 3 hour of poker and nothing to show for it. *sigh* Somebody up there definitely hates me.

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