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Day 649 of 365 More.

It was a dark and stormy night. Business hadn’t been great. The dames were even worse. You know how it goes. I gave Miss Jones the night off and shut myself up in my office and decided to crawl inside a bottle of Old Number 7 and tried to wait it all out.

I heard the knock at the front door, but with no Miss Jones to answer, I thought maybe if I just stayed quiet whoever it was would go away.

No such luck.

That’s when she walked in. A pretty face, stems up to here and a rack that could cause traffic accidents. The dame wore red. She smelled like money. She said she needed help. She said she could pay.

Her name was Trouble.

Or it might as well have been. I could smell it a mile away. You could have driven a ’49 Olds through the holes in her story. But what was I gonna do? A man could get lost in those eyes for days and I’m a sucker for a pretty face. Besides, this broad would do anything for my help and I hadn’t done the nasty in nearly a week. Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice and hope for the six the hardway. And sometimes you crap out.

My name is Philip Marlowe.

Trouble is my business.

365 days



Day 647 of 365 More.


So, I say all the time that I never expected 365 to really take off the way it did. I would really have been happy if there were 20 people in the group on my first day, but now every time I look at the stats and see it’s over 8500 people all over the world, I am astounded.

The group has gotten so big and so amazing that a month ago, my mother decided to organize the members to pay tribute to me and my awesomeness.


So I kind of expect my mother and Steph to do stuff like this, because for some crazy reason, they claim to actually love me. I even expect it of Jameel since he’s spent the better part of his adult life, laying in bed at night and dreaming that he might one day be the Maverick. I’m happy they participated, but its no surprise.

The real surprise is the other 130-odd people who have also copycatted one of my photos in the last 24 hours.

I’m sorry I can’t go through and comment on each and every one of you (just flipping through the pool and working on this pic ate up my whole night and kept me from working on the next episode of Cosmic Hellcats which I had planned on working on tonight (and if you aren’t reading my webcomic, shame on you. Go check it out now! End cheap plug…), but let me just say that viewing the whole thing really made my day. So thank you to all who participated.

When I first heard about this, my immediate thought was "hmm, I wonder how many catholic school girl pics there are going to be today?" I kinda guessed that there might be one from like_shipwrecks and I was was so sure that PhotoKat would do one, that I would have bet my life on it. But the entries from er3465, evaxebra and gaymay were nice surprises. And it was great going through the pool and seeing other people’s takes on all my other ideas.

So thank you to everyone who participated and feel free to make it a yearly occurrence. Maybe next year we’ll all get off work. 🙂

365 days


Day 593 of 365 More. "Ain’t that a kick in the ass?" See, its another one. Get it? Ummm… still not sleeping. So I said yesterday that something bad was going to happen. And they said I was crazy. Well, here we go. Found out today that the shipping terms for the printer that I’m…


Day 581 of 365 More. Chaste came by after I got off work so we could do our easter shoot with my house guest from yesterday. The whole thing went pretty well as far as I’m concerned, we got some really great shots that hopefully I’ll get to editing sometime soon. For now I need…


Day 557 of 365 More. You know what every kid is gonna want this Christmas? The new Maverick action figure. What cool be cooler than that? You wanna know what? It now comes with Kung-Fu grip. That’s right. Say you have the old Maverick action figure. You figure you don’t need the new one, right?…


Day 543 of 365 More. So anyone who knows me, reads my blog or watched this weeks podcast(iTunes) probably knows that I am a life-long registered independent. I’ve never been registered as part of either American political party, and thus far, in 16 years of voting, I’ve never voted for a presidential candidate that had…

Leann Black and Light 3

Leann Black and Light 3

I sent out a message to myspace a while back looking for nude models for my project for my next art show. Leann was the first to reply. The theme of the show is "Light," but although I use a lot of studio lights in my photography, ultimately, my work is usually about "darkness." But I came up with this concept as a compromise. Kind of the opposite of what I usually do.


Day 473 of 365 More. I’m getting fat. Honestly half the time I feel like I’m already there. Really, I don’t need to lose much weight, but I could stand to dump 10 pounds again. And tone up. I’ve seriously slacked off on my workouts and I’m in really crappy shape. So I decided to…


Day 469 of 365 More. The day after Thanksgiving is a huge party day. This year, I took the initiative and planned a little karaoke outing. Regular readers will realize that Steph and I love karaoke. But what could be better than karaoke? Well, karaoke with strippers of course. Steph had never actually been to…


Day 434 of 365 More. Alas poor Yorik, I knew him, Horatio… Started the Halloween party shopping today. Still have to get a costume together. Tricky since the first party I am invited to is tomorrow night. Luckily I have an idea that I think I can put together in one day, but still, I…