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Day 1098 of 365 Again. Busy busy photography day. Got one set submitted to zivity, almost finished with another set to submit to them tomorrow, did a little editing on the Steph and Morgan photos that I took last weekend. Did an interview for a magazine, took my 365. Sometimes I feel like this is…


Day 864 of 365 Again. You know, sometimes I kinda wonder about what happens to me at night. I don’t remember cutting myself yesterday. I don’t remember getting up in the middle of the night and slicing my palm open. I don’t think Stephanie secretly carves away at me while I’m sleeping. But this morning,…


Day 722 of 365 More. The risks of professional wrestling. This is Shiima. Shiima was my long time partner in wrestling when we first started. Til he became a bastard and I was forced to turn on him. Anyway, he had a match tonight and got smacked in the head with a steel chair. Have…

Five of Swords

Five of Swords

I’ve been amazed at how well received the Maverick Tarot project has been. I’ve actually heard from any number of people who want to be a part of it, some as far away as Iowa.

Tiffini wrote me on myspace saying she’d seen a link to my Model Mayhem profile and wanted to be a part of the project. She’d never modeled before, but when has that ever stopped me. And besides, she was excited to give modeling a try. She told me she’d be visiting friends in Pittsburgh soon, and so I figured I’d have to fit her in while she was here. It’s tricky trying to place a model having not met her in person, and when she doesn’t have really good professional shots to give me a feel for her look, but I was able to gauge from other shots that I might want to try her for my five of swords. Defeat. My five cards are all injured or dead people. And it took some playing around but I think I got the look I wanted with this one. And she didn’t even mind me getting "blood" all over her nice white skirt!