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Day 779 of 365 Again. Oh what a difference a day makes. After all of yesterday’s traveling, I barely had time to think. So today, I didn’t even leave the house. Spent the day working on Cosmic Hellcats, which I think is going pretty well lately. I’m getting a little faster at coloring it, and…


Day 629 of 365 More. Yeah, I’ve lost my mind. Took a break of a few days. Well sort of. I spent the entire break working on the website. But I’ve now started plotting Cosmic Hellcats IX #2. And to make it even harder on myself, I’ve also started planning the web comic. Really, I…


Day 360 of 365 days. When I started this project I thought that by day 10 I’d be resorting to 11:59pm cameraphone photos. 360 days in and that still hasn’t happened yet. But I didn’t have a great idea for a shot today, and I thought "you know, I should get one of those in."…



Taken for the Class with Dave group. The assignment was to take a picture with lots of colors. This was actually tricky for me because even when I don’t do black and whites, I’m not big on featuring lots of colors. But I did have an immediate idea for it. And so, off to the comic book store! I had to hit at least 3 of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. I think I did a little better than that.