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Day 947 of 365 Again. New Cosmic Hellcats comic is finished (and will automatically post at midnight). 365 is taken (and you’re looking at it). I even got a couple new Tarot Cards posted. And it’s only like midnight. I have everything I needed to get done today done, and I can go to sleep…


Day 835 of 365 Again. Wheee! It’s lazy photo day. Exciting, isn’t it? Was too tired to do much of anything today. Didn’t even leave the house. Spent the morning working on photos from yesterdays ubermegashoot and then in the evening I switched over to working on the comic. Didn’t get around to taking a…


Day 713 of 365 More. This is totally gonna suck. Like way huge massive suck. I have to get up ass early in the morning tomorrow. I set the clock for 5:30, but I kinda think I should move it 15 min. earlier just in case. And it’s almost midnight and I’m not asleep yet.…



Day 653 of 365 More.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… or something like that.

Today was kinda productive, yet not very memorable. Finished yet another Cosmic Hellcats comic and got it posted. Mowed the lawn. Worked on some other stuff. Watched a movie. Nothing terribly interesting.

I had no good idea for a shot today, so I fell back on what all great artist do. I stole. I once had a professor who said "never borrow an idea, always steal. Because that way you make it your own." As such, I decided to steal a concept from the lovely and talented like_shipwrecks. I actually saw the shot and immediately knew I’d copycat it at some point. I just didn’t know it would be so soon. Oh well. Thanks for the idea, ‘Ship!

That’s about it for today, I guess. You want more of me, go read my comic. It’s funny.

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