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Sisters candid laugh

Sisters candid laugh

Still playing catch up on photoshoots. A week or so ago Nikki and Holly came to pose for me for the first time. Holly has a lot more experience with the whole modeling thing, but Nikki did a great job too.

These may be about the naughtiest shots I’ve done in quite a while. They were Holly’s idea, and I wanted them to be sexy but wanted to keep them sweet and innocent too. Hopefully that worked out.

This was actually kind of an outtake. The girls just started laughing from the sillyness of the moment. The shot was too perfect not to use though.


Day 337 of 365 days. First of all Happy Birthday to my mom. Second Happy Birthday to Lisa. Steph and I went to Lisa’s house for her birthday/housewarming today. Technically, her birthday was yesterday. And technically, the house doesn’t belong to her, it belongs to her housemate, but she was a lot cuter than him…

pittsburgh pedestrian

pittsburgh pedestrian

Homo Sapiens Alleghenius from the Pittsburgh region of Pennsylvania, USA. Indigenous Pittsburghers are among the most pedestrian peoples on the planet. While they certainly possess the physical capability to operate motor vehicles, many go their entire lives without ever receiving instructions to do so. While several will use communal transportation, it is not uncommon for them to travel through walking.

Homo Sapien Alleghenius is a mostly omnivorous creature, though like this specimen they prefer gathering to hunting. Both genders are capable of mating at any point throughout the year and females give live birth. The population typically dwells in structures of their own creation in either the mountains or by their environment’s numerous rivers.

For the Class with Dave group. Assignment: National Geographic style picture of somebody in their natural habitat.