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Day 818 of 365 Again. My new camera got here today. This is as excited as I’ve been about anything in a while. The Olympus Stylus 1030SW. Waterproof to 33 feet. Rated for 6.5 foot drops, 220 pounds of crushing force or -10 C temperatures. What more could you want in a camera? Ok, it…


Day 724 of 365 More. Crap… So I was actually having a decent day. Work was long and annoying, but productive. Work can be like that. But then once I got home, I had a nice dinner with Steph, a pretty good workout and got some new photos of Virginia editted (including one of my…



Day 662 of 365 More.

Hope works. The Pens won the game. Woohoo! Now the problem is, hope isn’t really my strong suit, so I’m completely wiped. I totally don’t get how you cheerful people do it.

I wrote several of you asking about collaborating for the podcast project. If you haven’t gotten back to me, please do. I even sort of kind of have ideas. I should start doing them tomorrow though.

If you never saw like_shipwrecks’ hellcat photo, it’s now up on the cosmic hellcats website. Thanks again to her for doing it. And if anyone else has Hellcats fan art, let me know.

I’m way behind on answering flickr comments again. I feel really bad about that. I really do. I’ll try to catch up soon.

Ummm, this photo really doesn’t mean much of anything. I was just tapped for an idea and it was getting late and this seemed like it might be interesting. *shrug*

365 days


Day 610 of 365 More. Ok, I was >long winded yesterday, so today is going to be quick. I spent the entire day working on my comic book. And guess what… I’m done! Woohoo! That’s right. Completely 100% finished. I was actually done with the regular edition last week and hopefully will be getting the…


Day 566 of 365 More. At work they wanted file headshots of everyone in my company (its a small company) so guess who got elected to that duty. I don’t mind really. But it reminds me how much I’d rather be taking pictures than working. Maybe I’ll play the Powerball this weekend. It should be…


Day 515 of 365 More. I’m feeling a little better today. I’m still overworked. I’m still exhausted. But, I’m feeling a bit better about it. I’m almost caught up on the shoots I’ve done so far for the lights show, and should be finishing the rest of them up tomorrow. Then maybe I’ll finish a…


Day 508 of 365 More. And Happy New Year. I personally didn’t do very much today, so I don’t have much to talk about. I spent the day recovering from my new years hangover while working on photos and playing video games. Instead I’d like to use this space to welcome all the new 365ers…


Day 505 of 365 More. And the 365 Days project just grows and grows. This evening, I filmed the inaugural addition of the 365 Days podcast with Stephen Poff. It went pretty smoothly even if we did end up doing a much longer show than we initially envisioned. He needs to edit it still, but…