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Day 953 of 365 Again. So, if you’ve been reading my comic strip, Cosmic Hellcats lately, you might have noticed a slight change in the art style. It hasn’t been TOTALLY obvious because we introduced all new characters since we did it, but we’re going back to the main characters for Monday’s strip. And Monday’s…


Day 785 of 365 Again. I really wish I had more time to do more outdoor shots like this. It’s just nice to be outside of the studio. I was hoping to go to West Virginia this weekend and do another photoshoot. That didn’t work out. Hopefully I’ll get it in next week sometime, but…


Day 327 of 365 days. One of the nice things about living in Pittsburgh is that its the home of Zambelli international Fireworks, one of the premier pyrotechnics firms in the country. They put on fireworks for Hollywood movies. They’re great. Which means the Pittsburgh 4th of July celebration is always awesome. Steph and I…

Amaya bridge

Amaya bridge

Every once in a while its nice to get out of the studio. Amaya and I went to West Virginia’s Spruce Knob state park to do a photoshoot this week. These are some shots from that fun filled day.



An alternate shot of my day 215, 365 shot. I’m still not convinced I chose the right one.