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Day 16: 1-16-12

Day 16: 1-16-12

Day 16 of the New Era

I’ve been really busy lately. This was supposed to be about changes. But I’ve barely had a minute to breathe. Time to fix that. Decided to read a novel this weekend. One I had been meaning to read anyway. So I downloaded the Hunger Games to my iPad. This is the first book I’ve read entirely digitally (i have several that I read part on iPad and part in paperback). It’s actually kinda nice. Really looking forward to books two and three. But they’ll have to wait. Lots of work to do.


Day 769 of 365 Again. So today was Mikey’s last day of 2 consecutive years of 365. A milestone that very few people ever achieve. A bunch of people did jumping shot tributes to Mikey. Not my style. At least not today. However, Mikey and I were talking about photography books the other day, and…



Day 705 of 365 More.

Usually on Wednesday nights I plug Cosmic Hellcats, because new ones come out every Monday and Thursday. But today something else important happened that made me want to talk about it and not even mention the killer new episode of Cosmic Hellcats that I just posted at midnight.

Today, after 17 long years of waiting, Zot! came out in compiled trade paperback form.

In a lot of ways Zot! is probably responsible for Cosmic Hellcats. Zot! was written by Scott McCloud who some of you might remember I met a couple years ago when I saw him speak.

Anyway, Scott wrote the well received, but relatively unknown indy comic, Zot! After Zot was cancelled, he went on to write a well known book called Understanding Comics, which is one of the most influential books in the medium (and one every artist, comic book or no, should read). He also wrote two sequels and ended up becoming something of an authority on the changing nature of the industry and an advocate of webcomics. Understanding Comics renewed my childhood desire to one day publish a comic of my own. That desire grew and eventally became Cosmic Hellcats.

At the talk I saw Scott speak at, everyone asked him tons of questions about his well known texts. But I was the crazy guy in the back who raised his hand to ask when the 4th volume of Zot! would be collected into a trade paperback volume. You see, the first three volumes had been collected soon after Zot! ceased publication, but the company who published those books went out of business before the final volume ever came out.

Scott, seemed amused and answered me something like "I swear, before I die." Well, I sincerely hope Scott isn’t planning on dying tomorrow. Because that would be a tragedy. But if he did, I will be happy to know that he did manage to keep his promise to me.

So for that, I thank you, Scott. And I thank you for writing Understanding, and Reinventing Comics and Making Comics and inspiring the seven year old boy inside of me to follow his dream.

Of course Scott doesn’t read this, but maybe one day he will. After all he did eventually get to see my initial pic about him. So, If you ever do read this Scott, thank you. Without you there would be no Cosmic Hellcats, and I wouldn’t even have something to not pimp here.

365 days


Day 621 of 365 More. It’s here. The debut issue of but I couldn’t be happier with the quality. It looks great and once again I’m excited about this whole thing again. I can’t wait til the standard edition gets here tomorrow. Sorry I’ve fallen behind on answering comments again. Some people have asked…

Chaste School Girl 6

Chaste School Girl 6

So now that I’m done with the main Hellcats comic, I’ve started working on the "Prestige Format" edition. The same comic, in bookshelf format, but with extra features. Namely, modeling shots of the real girls.

Obviously all of my Hellcats had modeled for me before, but you can probably see that I have fewer pictures of Chaste than any of the others. Well, we had a photoshoot a few weeks ago, and I never got around to processing a lot of the pics. Time to start fixing that now.


Day 576 of 365 More. Today’s podcast was chaotic. Our original interview fell through, and since we only had Stephen’s very brief tutorial prepared, we didn’t really have much for a show. However, when we first started, we had talked about reviewing Blurb books at some point. Tapped for content, today became that point. I…


Day 518 of 365 More. One of my professors back in school used to tell me that the secret to good writing was to kill your darlings. It’s a good lesson, but its one of the hardest things to do. The same seems to be true for art. With yesterdays’s posts, I’m halfway through the…


Day 511 of 365 More. I’ve literally been waiting for this moment for 511 days. Today, I got my 365 Days coffee table book from One of my first thoughts when I started this project was how cool it would be to have a little coffee table book of my year once the whole…


Day 345 of 365 days. I love how my 365 pic views skyrocket every time I post a pic of a half naked girl. I haven’t been online much today, and as such haven’t even really looked at flickr. Sorry about that. Basically I had a choice of things to do today. I could work…


Day 117 of 365 days. So one of the about a billion things that has had me stressed and tired out lately has been reading. I’ve been reading gender studies books in preparation for a paper I have to write and present at a conference in April. I’m actually pretty excited about the paper. It’ll…