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Day 645 of 365 More.

Max and I presented Cosmic Hellcats at an art show at Creative Treehouse (the place that I’ve had other recent photography shows). Sadly, we didn’t do as well, as I would have hoped, there were far fewer people there than there were at previous shows, and no one really buys much at them anyway. But, a lot of people did say they really liked our stuff, so that was good. I may even have picked up another couple tarot models. And again, I’ve neglected the tarot project. I really need to find more hours in the day. *sigh*

Took a bunch of pictures of one of the bands at the show, and a few snapshots of random other people, but I really didn’t get that much with me in it. I did do this one though. And damn! Crazy eyes!

365 days


Day 621 of 365 More. It’s here. The debut issue of but I couldn’t be happier with the quality. It looks great and once again I’m excited about this whole thing again. I can’t wait til the standard edition gets here tomorrow. Sorry I’ve fallen behind on answering comments again. Some people have asked…


Day 535 of 365 More. Fun fact. I hate the ipod earbuds. Somehow, it became a minor pop-culture status symbol to have trademark white ear buds in your ears once the iPod became popular, but I find them hella uncomfortable. They hurt my ears, and they don’t even stay in all that well. Give me…


Day 505 of 365 More. And the 365 Days project just grows and grows. This evening, I filmed the inaugural addition of the 365 Days podcast with Stephen Poff. It went pretty smoothly even if we did end up doing a much longer show than we initially envisioned. He needs to edit it still, but…


Day 454 of 365 More. Weird thing about working for a small company (we have 15 employees). Sometimes, you end up having to wear multiple hats. Sometimes your company is moving to a new building which is under construction and they say "hey you, artistic boy, come help us figure out what the hell this…

Grasshoppers Mating

Grasshoppers Mating

When Grasshopper can make Lady Grasshopper scream his name while writhing in ecstasy without buying her a drink, he will be ready to leave the monastery

When I was waiting for Steph to come outside so we could go on our walk I happened to notice these two grasshoppers "doing it" by my pool.

My first thought: I have to go get my macro lens!

My second thought: I wonder if this will get my account banned again?