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white rose

white rose

Ooh look, Mav is posting a pic of a flower. Isn’t it pretty? Maybe I’ll make explore!

Actually I just happened to notice that for some reason one of our rose bushes bloomed a new rose today. All the others have fallen off and died for the fall, but for some reason one just happened to sprout and I thought I’d take a picture.

I have a bunch of G20 protest pictures to post. They’ll be up later or tomorrow, but this seemed like something nice to put up in the meanwhile.


Day 1101 of 365 Again. Five days in to the new set and I’m already defaulting to backup pictures. Sad. So very very sad. Sometimes I don’t know where the weekends go. I got a lot done this weekend. Both with the comic and with photography stuff for zivity. I got my fantasy football draft…


Day 1026 of 365 Again. Really wanted to take a cool shot today since I "phoned it in" yesterday, but really, I just didn’t have anything in mind, so it was back to defaulting to mean looking shots in the studio. I kind of like this one. Note how I am titled in panel to…


Day 966 of 365 Again. Steph and I went to see Adventureland today, the second major Hollywood film I was in (actually, the first one I was in, but the other came out already). I was able to spot myself among the other extras rather easily this time. In one scene I’m a non-descript bokeh’d…


Day 925 of 365 Again. You know, you’d think on a weekend I’d take my time to do a really cool picture. Not this guy. Actually I spent half the day cleaning house and then I went shopping. Exciting, huh? Actually, it is just a little exciting, because I finally picked up an 8-port ethernet…


Day 896 of 365 Again. It’s the end of the week. Thank god. I swear. I was so not prepared to work a full week after my vacation. I almost didn’t make it. Between being sick and just being out of the working mode, I’m exhausted. I know I was constantly worried when I was…


Day 739 of 365 Again. Back in business with the 365 Days podcast. Stephen and I filmed another episode tonight. It had been a couple weeks. The summer has been pretty busy for both of us, so there have just been several weeks where we couldn’t get one done. In fact, i didn’t even have…



Day 672 of 365 More.

Brother can you spare a dime!!!!!

You know it’s crazy. I don’t do anything but work anymore. I guess it’s been like that for a while now, but I’m just starting to have it sink in.

I have so many extra projects, I can’t keep up with extra projects. 365s get posted after 4 in the morning. I keep falling behind on answering comments. I’m really behind on commenting on other people’s stuff. I started working on a tarot card like four days ago and haven’t gotten back to it. I haven’t had time to draw or edit my most recent photoshoot.

I’m just burnt out.

This will be so much easier when I become so famous that I don’t have to work a real job. But for being at work for 8+ hours a day, I’d really have a pretty good life.

As it is, I have no life anymore. It’s June. I should be well into planning Jammy Jam by now. I got nothing. No bands. No prizes. Last year we were actually talking about maybe trying to find some venue other than my house for this years jam, and yet I haven’t even been looking at outfits for myself. Anyone want a job being my Jammy Jam coordinator? My last one moved to Hawaii.

I’ve spent most of my time since I got home from work reorganizing the Hellcats site so that it can better display ads. Ewww, banner ads, my god have I sold out. But if I want to seriously be a writer/artist/whatever, I guess I have to make money some way. And I’m really happy about the Project: Wonderfiul business plan. They actually gaver us a serious boost in views today. Let’s hope it continues.

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